Sunday, 14 October 2012

Charity knitting and a birthday present

This month has been a lot busier than usual.

I've started a new job which is always highly exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. So I've made sure I've had some easy peasy knitting on the sofa for when I come home at 5.30 wanting to switch off. The hat above is for the St Mungo's woolly hat day campaign which you can find details of here. I'm trying to squeeze in another aran hat, which should knit up quickly, this week.

It was also my birthday last saturday but my present from my mum didn't arrive until this friday. So I had another birthday yesterday! It suited me fine.

She let me order whatever I wanted from the Panduro catalogue which made me feel like a child with a gift voucher! It was great. So I ordered lots of things I would never normally spend my own money on. I used it as an opportunity to try other crafts. I love the 'Believe' wooden sign. I might paint or varnish it and will hang it up in my bedroom. The alphabet stamps are so cool and what a retro tin : )

The soap pulp and rosebuds are ace - I'm going to make some soaps in the shape of cakes with essential oils - apparently all you do is melt this.

I couldn't resist this doll kit. She is so cute. The box contains absolutely everything you might need to make her up so is excellent value for money.

I am back in full-time work but I am still running my shop. Indeed, I had two sales last week and fulfilled it within two days of receiving it, so please go ahead and order even though I am now employed. There shouldn't be any difference in service as my mum helps out and it will be some extra spending money (I can keep 100% of it now) : )


Wendy said...

fab stash! I'm the same, I add things to my wishlist that I probably wouldn't buy myself. Yes, the soap is REALLY easy to make, but the instructions say to leave it 10 mins before adding the buds, don't! It sets almost immediately.

p.s. did you know you have word verification on? I'm struggling with it..

Christals Creations said...

Fab presents!

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