Friday, 5 October 2012

Book Review & Giveaway: Knitting in Circles by Nicky Epstein

'Knitting in Circles' by Nicky Epstein is one of those innovative resource books that every knitter should have on their bookshelf.

It's a phenomenal directory of circular knitting patterns. It also has some brilliant patterns in it to make clothing and accessories made by sewing circles of knitting together.

I love some of the cable patterns and the idea to sew up a circle of knitting to make a bag had never occurred to me before.

Presented with beautiful photography, there are 100 circular patterns and 20 projects to choose from. You can buy 'Knitting in Circles' by Nicky Epstein here.

I asked Nicky a few questions about who inspires her and when she gets time to knit for herself!

Hi Nicky. Thanks for a wonderful book.

What is your favourite circle in the natural or manmade world?

In the natural world, I’d have to say the sun and the moon, but in the manmade world, probably a pepperoni pizza.

Which knitting designer has inspired you the most?

I admire the work of many of my peers but I draw inspiration from designers like John Paul Gautier and Alex McQueen…designers who keep experimenting.

How do you find the time to knit personally? Do you knit on trains, planes or in the car?

With my schedule I really don’t have time for personal knitting, although I consider my designs an extension of my personality, and I do wind up wearing many of the pieces I’ve designed for magazines or one of my books. I do knit on all forms of transportation and locations…so much knitting, so little time!

The blog tour has been at the following locations and continues on Monday 8th October with Kate Heppell. Be sure to check her out!

27th Sept – Knitting Institute --

28th Sept – Susan Crawford --

1st Oct – Cut Out + Keep --

2nd Oct – Make and Craft --

3rd Oct – Black Cat Originals --

4th Oct – Jessica Biscoe --

5th Oct – Jo Simmonds --

8th Oct – Kate Heppell --

9th Oct – Alix Beech --

10th Oct – ConnieLene Johnston --

If you would like to be in with a chance to win a copy of 'Knitting in Circles' by Nicky Epstein please leave a comment in the thread below leaving a way to contact you. Answer the same question I asked Nicky -
What is your favourite circle in the natural or manmade world?

The winner will be selected randomly and the giveaway will close at 6pm Friday 12th October.


Heather Leavers said...

My favourite circle? (Can I be really soppy?) my wedding ring!

heather [at]

hueisei said...

In natural world - the sun
In the manmade world - the coins

Anonymous said...

This book looks very fine indeed! My favourite circle must be the appearance of the moon. I am a day person but the moon is perfect.

Susie Hewer said...

My favourite circle in the natural world is the sun - giver of life!

In the man-made world it's the mandala.

Looks like another great book from Nicky!

Debbie said...

My fav circle would have to the sun. Thanks!

Linda Rumsey said...

My favourite natural circle is the sun, and man-made (should be woman-made) is a tablecloth embroidered by my Gran!

meppybn said...

What a fabulous collection of things circular from a great designer! Thanks for the giveaway - a fave natural circle would be the inside of a nautilus shell, man-made is one of my antique buttons :)

k1w1 [at]

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