Thursday, 6 September 2012

Magazine Review: The Simple Things

This week saw the launch of a new magazine from Future Publishing who also publish Mollie Makes.

I took advantage of their introductory trial offer out of curiosity. I don't normally buy lifestyle magazines, preferring either political/current affairs magazines, 'women's' magazines like Marie Claire or complete craft magazines.

It's a wonderful magazine full of beautiful photography and articles about gardening and nature. Whole pages are taken up with pictures of apples, guides to trees and articles about what you should be doing with your allotment.

There's the usual look around someone's beautiful 'vintage' flat, an article about vintage radios and old signs in towns and cities which haven't been painted over yet.

It does what it says on the tin. It's encouraging a simplier life, a self-sufficient ideal which many people are indeed living now. However the craft element is quite lacking. There's a total of just five pages out of 130 which are directly about craft. Also I found the recipes extremely non-vegan although some of them are vegetarian. It's definitely aimed at the carnivore instead of the herbivore so I can only make a few of the dozen or so meals and foods.

Unfortunately I gave up my allotment last year so as much of the magazine is about allotment growing and gardening I can't say this appeals to me much either.

But if you are after a completely relaxing magazine to look at, love photography, can afford an additional magazine to your normal craft-based one, and love gardening and lifestyle based articles this is the magazine for you.

Issue one is out in the shops now and is priced at £4.99.


Wendy said...

To be honest, I was a bit surprised when the publishers of Mollie Makes announced this mag, to me, it sounds exactly like Mollie Makes! I've just cancelled my MM subscription as it is mainly tours of vintage flats and pointless photography so I think I was right when i thought this mag would be the same!!

Jo said...

Oh - I love Mollie Makes! I've started to make the draught excluder in the current issue - it's lovely : )

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