Thursday, 16 August 2012

Organic Scarf

A while ago, in May, I ordered a skein of Cornish Organic Wool as a rare treat. I wasn't sure what I was going to knit but I loved the colours. I started knitting it on 6mm needles and started a scarf which I increased every knit row. It went well but it was increasing too fast. I was worried about having too many stitches on my needle at the halfway point.

So I ripped it and started again. This time I knitted on 7mm needles. I tried a swatch and it seemed to feel chunkier as a result of being knit loosely. I also increased every fourth row instead of every knit row. I'm happy with the looser knit and the more gradual slope. I've used up half my skein so I know I'm halfway. So now I'll start to decrease every fourth row so the thinner parts will hang down around my neck. It's 65cm so far so should be 130cm by the time I've finished. I think that'll be ok to wrap around my neck. Fingers crossed!

I love self-striping sock yarn. It's beautiful. I must admit it doesn't always display its promise when wrapped in a hank but once you start to knit the stripes look amazing. I love this!

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