Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Finished Refuge Blanket!

I have finally finished the Refuge cot blanket for the Simply Knitting Magazine campaign.

The details of how you can knit or crochet a blanket or teddy bear are here. The deadline is December 1st so you have another three months to pick up your crochet hook or knitting needles to help out.

There was a scary moment last week when I realised I had crocheted all the squares 17cm by 17cm instead of the required 15cm by 15cm. I'm not used to having to knit tension swatches as I never really knit anything that needs it, and besides the book I took the pattern from (which shall remain nameless) said all the squares in the book would crochet up to 15cm by 15cm in a DK yarn. I must be an incredibly loose crocheter but hey ho!

Luckily I had started each row fresh so I just had to unravel the outer cream row of all the 24 squares. I managed to salvage some yarn from this to use to crochet the pieces together.

I found this project just as satisfying as I did last year. It was an amazing feeling to finish a project I may not have had the patience to finish ordinarily. Something propelled me and I loved that feeling that my enthusiasm for the charity helped me through the lack of attention I sometimes have when getting to the middle and towards the end of a project. OK, by lack of attention I mean crocheting the ends!

I may knit or crochet another one before December 1st but I will most likely knit some bears : )

Hope you enjoy knitting for Refuge too if you decide to participate.


Embroidery designs said...

I love your blanket.It's so beautiful.

Jo said...

Thank you very much. It's very bright but kids love that : )

Christals Creations said...

Great blanket! :o)

Jo said...

Thank you :)

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