Friday, 31 August 2012

Book Review: Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd

'Sock Knitting Master Class - Innovative Techniques + Patterns from Top Designers' by Ann Budd is an excellent and comprehensive book on knitting socks.

It's exhaustive. The answers to any questions you may have had about knitting and designing socks is in here. Ann has written an excellent introduction and challenging intermediate book for those looking to expand on their skills.

There's a free DVD included with Ann Budd professionally demonstrating the different techniques of sock knitting and design. She explains the different knitting needles you can use and the differences between toe up and toe down construction. Also the 'frightening' kitchener stitch is demonstrated by Ann really slowly and clearly. She's an excellent teacher. She's funny, easy to understand and you feel confident when listening to her advice.

There is also a kitchener stitch description inside the book for you to follow after you've watched the DVD to remind you of the process.

There are both toe down and toe up socks in here. There are 10 top down designs to follow and seven toe up socks in the book. The first 47 pages are devoted to explaining yarn and gauge, heels and toes. There are sock patterns in here from Cookie A, Nancy Bush, Cat Bordhi, Ann Budd herself and Melissa Morgan-Oakes amongst others.

The standard of the book is extremely high and it's all been excellently produced, including the DVD. The photography and colours of the sock designs are beautiful. You feel really inspired as you flick through.

Ann Budd says 'For years now, I've worn only handknitted socks because they look and feel so good. Although I often fall back on a basic pattern when knitting socks for myself, the number of innovative and exciting designs continues to astonish and inspire me, which is how this book came to be.'

This book explores such techniques as cables, twisted stitches, lace, stranded colorwork, entrelac, shadow knitting, and intarsia worked in the round. It's such a lovely guide to intermediate sock knitting.

There's a brilliant bibliography at the back of the book which is extremely useful if you want to explore Ann Budd's books further. There's also a section on sources and websites for yarns. There are 16 in total. There's a glossary, a section on increases, knitting in reverse and short rows too.

'Sock Knitting Master Class - Innovative Techniques + Patterns from Top Designers' by Ann Budd is published by Interweave Press and is available from Search Press here.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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