Friday, 10 August 2012

Book review: Papercutting through the year by Claudia Hopf

'Papercutting through the year' by Claudia Hopf is an excellent inspiration book for those who are looking to take up a new craft or for those looking to expand their collection.

There are 275 patterns in the book. They are themed by season and many of them are geared towards celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.

There are birth month flowers and zodiac signs.

The patterns are grouped by themes - New year's day, Martin Luther King Jr day, Groundhog day, Abraham Lincoln's birthday, (one page each), Valentine's Day, (12 pages), George Washington's birthday (one page), St Patrick's Day (two pages), Spring, (seven pages), April Fool's Day (one pattern), Easter (five pages), Arbor Day (one pattern), Earth day (one page), May Day (two pages), Mother's Day (one page), Memorial Day (one page), Flag Day (one page), Father's Day (one page), Summer (12 pages), Independence Day (three pages), Labor Day (one page), Autumn (four pages), Columbus Day (one page), Halloween (10 pages), Day of the Dead (one page), Veterans Day (one page), Thanksgiving (two pages), Hanukkah (one page), Winter (two pages) Christmas (14 pages), Birthday (one page), Certificates (two pages), Zodiac (six pages), Chinese Zodiac (six pages), Birth month flowers (12 pages).

I thought it had a strong American slant to it at first but even though it has a lot of American only celebrations in it they come to just 14 pages out of the total of 126 in the book. Summer, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Birth month flowers and Christmas are the main themes with the most pages. So if you love cutting out flowers, ghouls, hearts and christmas trees this is certainly the book for you.

The book has two introductory pages at the beginning with clear instructions on how to cut and copy the patterns from the book. Advice is given on how to cut and the different types of effects you can create such as painting with watercolour and framing on a mount of black paper.

I love paper craft. It was one of my favourite crafts before knitting, crochet and felt took over a few years ago when I started out online. This book is such good value for the amount of original patterns contained in the book. If you are thinking of trying paper craft or if you have your kids at home with you for the holidays and are looking for a new way to entertain them buy this book.

You can buy 'Papercutting through the year' by Claudia Hopf from Search Press here.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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