Sunday, 8 July 2012

Visit to Dunster Castle

Yesterday I visited the delightful Dunster Castle. We travelled for a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes on the bus to get there and back but it was well worth it.

The rain held off but a light drizzle was always in the air as we walked around the extensive gardens. The house was very homely, warm and inviting with beautiful ornate ceilings, decorations and paintings.

There is so much history in the geneology of the Luttrell family. It's a Norman castle so dates from 1066. You can trace all of medieval history, georgian, victorian and 20th century through the stories of the family. There's an MP in their history, who spent most of his life renovating the castle instead of travelling to the House of Commons. But you will find it in your heart to forgive him when you imagine the journey from Somerset on horse as you look around the ancient stables!

The views as you walk around the castle are just fantastic. The only houses I've been in which can rival the views are John Ruskin's house in Cumbria, a socialist artist who I was quite obsessed with at the age of 15 and Ty Newydd, the creative writing centre which is located within the former house of Prime Minister Lloyd George.

It's a very interactive house for children to look around as they can play in the billiard room, do puzzles in one of the rooms and play the piano by the grand stairs. There is also a fantastic natural adventure playground in the gardens which I would have loved as a child. There wasn't much of interest craft-wise but I did spot some embroidery used as a coaster for a plant and a wall hanging of embroidered silk. Although the wallpaper is absorbing to look at!

The flowers in the garden were stunning. Even the bridges in the river gardens were of huge architectural historical significance. I would highly recommend this as a day out if you are ever in Somerset.

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