Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Book review: Knitted Dolls with a designer wardrobe by Arne & Carlos

'Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe' is the second book from Arne & Carlos after their book '55 Christmas balls to knit'.

This has to be the cutest front cover of a knitting book ever. It's a knitted Arne & Carlos knitting. Perhaps they are knitting smaller and smaller versions of themselves to infinity and beyond : P

This book is full of fun. There is a main doll pattern with pages and pages of colourful imaginative clothing for the dolls. You can mix and match different fashionable clothes to put on the doll and choose from an array of hairstyles too.

The dolls and clothes are all knitted in the round with clear diagrams if you like working from a chart. There is plenty here to satisfy all levels of knitting ability and taste.

The photography is fantastic with the dolls in various situations and places!

I've lost count of how many times I've picked this book up. It's so bright and colourful I keep flicking through in amazement at the array of clothes and detail in the patterns.

It's a heavy book at 200 pages and there are plenty of tips and hints about techniques for when you come to the crucial doll face.

I love this book so much. It's a book you could have out as a talking point it's so quirky and unusual. The clothes are expertly designed and actually make me jealous that I don't own them in adult human size!

You can buy a copy of 'Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardbrobe by Arne & Carlos here from Search Press.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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