Friday, 20 July 2012

Book Review: Cable Ready

'Cable ready - A collection of 10 easy-to-master cable knitting projects' is an excellent starter book for those looking to jump into the world of advanced knitting and also challenging for those already there.

The book begins with a great starter shrug which is worked as a rectangle so you can concentrate on practicing cable without any distracting shaping. Although if you are a complete beginner there are a few scarves to practice with too.

There are four projects classed as 'easy', four classed as 'intermediate' and two 'experienced' projects. The jackets are the hardest projects but if you are a cable virgin they will still serve to inspire you to practice.

They've included a total of six information pages which is more than you get in some other knitting books. There are two pages on how to cable which you could pair up with a YouTube video. Also included are abbreviations and symbols, the yarn weight system, inches into millimetres and centimetres, increasing and decreasing, kitchener stitch and the provisional cast-on method.

I started to cable myself about a year after learning to knit and it felt odd. To concentrate you have to focus on the needles you are knitting with at the time and forget about the third. If you have experience knitting in the round on multiple needles you won't find it hard at all.

I love the raised bulky chunky look of cables. They look so sumptious and delicious.

My only criticism is that half the projects are scarves or cowls. There are many accessories which take cables, for example one would be straight cabled armwarmers. Cushions are always good too. But if you are a complete beginner you will welcome the proliferation of scarves as easy projects. I've knitted a cabled scarf in chunky wool and it was beautiful.

At $14.95 (or £9.99 in the UK) it's good value at $1.50 or £1 per pattern. The book is published by House of White Birches and you can buy it from Search Press here.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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