Sunday, 1 July 2012

Book Review: The Bumper Book of Crafty Activities

'The Bumper Book of Crafty Activities' by Search Press should be at the top of your shopping list if you are a parent of a child aged 8-12 looking for low-cost activities for the summer holidays.

It's the age where children start to branch out from finger painting and pouring glitter glue everywhere to more advanced creative play.

Everything is bright and wonderful in this book. The tutorials are super-easy to follow, clearly illustrated and have alerts for when children should ask adults to help them.

The book is divided up into 13 sections covering Printing, Creative Lettering, Mosaics, Paper Mache, Origami, Handmade Cards, Collage, Clay Modelling, Beadwork, Decorative Painting and Paperfolding.

It's very educational too with information on everything from Picasso's art to Egypt which is perfectly pitched. I remember feeling really excited about Egypt when first studying it at the age of nine.

Introductions to the chapters include the history of the craft if your child wants to follow up to find out more about it.

Some of the projects don't require any costly items and instead encourage recycling of old yogurt and crisp pots - very Blue Peter!

There are over 100 projects to make in seven steps or less. This book really will keep your creative monsters entertained for weeks. Just remember to cover that table!

The Bumper Book of Crafty Activities is available from Search Press here.

Thanks to Search Press who sent me this book to review.

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