Thursday, 7 June 2012

Book Review: Granny Squares by Barbara Wilder et al

'Granny Squares: Over 25 creative ways to crochet the classic pattern' by Barbara Wilder, Melanie Sturm and Stephanie Gohr is a wonderful guide to the traditional crocheted granny square.

There are 23 granny squares at the start of the book which vary widely in the stitches they use. There are over 25 projects in the book which then use a granny square from the front of the book in a project.

There is a project for four bags or pouches (mobile phone, colourful bag and a spectacle case), six 'covers' (wall hangings, covers for coat hanger rails), five clothing projects (hat, slippers and wrist warmers), five 'kitchen' projects (mug cosy, fruit basket), and eight projects for the bedroom such as blankets and cushions.

It was published last year in Germany but has now been translated into English by Search Press. I think in all honesty there are only a couple of projects I wouldn't make.

I love this bag and am itching to put it on my project list as a knitting bag!

What's so wonderful about the granny square is that it's so versatile. It speaks a universal language so a German book is much the same as an English book.

There are four pages of instructions at the back of the book if you are new to crochet. There was no problem at all with the pattern translation.

This is a great introduction to granny squares if you are new to them or a fantastic addition to your collection if you already have a few books on them. It's a great 'first crochet book' to buy as the granny square practices a lot of stitches and makes you learn magic ring!

'Granny Squares' has just been released and is available to buy here.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review.

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eight by six said...

I bought this book and received it today, its fab. Amanda x

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