Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ravelympics 2012 & Refuge

The campaign to raise funds and hand knit blankets for Refuge by Simply Knitting magazine managed to raise over £4,000 late last year.

I surprised myself by managing to finish a blanket for the charity. It was a lovely feeling when putting it in the envelope and sending it off. I've never felt that before and it was a special moment.

Simply Knitting announces on its website:

We believe in the work Refuge is carrying out to help these women and their children, so much so that we would like to call on you all again to help us support this great cause for a second year – and hit our new target of £10,000!

We’re hoping knitting groups and schools will contribute more knitted items this year, and we’ll be bringing you more patterns from top designers to inspire you. This year, we’ll also be running a design competition, with great prizes on offer for our favourite designs, so you’ll be able to show off your imagination and knitting skills too.
Further details of the campaign will be announced in an 'upcoming issue' of Simply Knitting so you will have to stay alert to find out more!

Personally I was wondering what I would cast on during the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012 on the 27th July this summer. As part of 'Ravelympics 2012' on Ravelry you can join in with the mast cast on and cast off during the games. I wanted to use this to motivate me to charity knit so I'm looking forward to reading about the campaign in Simply Knitting.

I hope you will join the group too and think about what you would like to use all the telly viewing time to knit!

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