Monday, 7 May 2012

Broken lavender hearts

I attempted to sew lavender hearts with the sewing machine a couple of months ago. They turned out OK but I sewed round the top of the heart by stopping the machine and turning which can make the corner look a bit rough in my view. There was no way, with my sewing machine skills still at beginner level, I was going to be able to continue sewing around the curve at full pelt. No way.

Also I was unsure of how best to sew the ribbon in at the same time as closing the two pieces of fabric in on itself for a neat edge when finished. I made eight hearts. It was really good practice with the sewing machine and hand sewing too.

Unfortunately the quality control manager within me wouldn't let me put them in my shop. I decided they were not of the right quality to sell. Perhaps I am too used to sewing with felt and not having to worry about 'hiding edges' or things looking messy. Felt hides a lot of sins but I love the look of fabric. It's so pretty and elegant.

So for now I will enjoy the hearts I made on my wardrobe doors. They will keep the moths away from my woollen winter coats along with my cedar cubes and I will rest a little easier.

Perhaps I'll make some square lavender sachets without any ribbon for my shop : )

1 comment:

Christals Creations said...

I sewed some hearts at Xmas. I think I ended up keeping two of about 8!

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