Monday, 14 May 2012

Book Review: Knitting Basics by Melody Lord

'Knitting Basics' by Melody Lord is an excellent first knitting book for those new to the craft.

It would also suit the intermediate knitter. There would be just enough to challenge the advanced knitter who may have leapfrogged any basics like purling, increasing, knitting in the round, cables, etc.

There are 15 chapters and at 271 pages it's a hefty book. All the introduction to knitting basics are here, like knitting needles, yarns, choosing and reading a basic pattern, how to change colours neatly, how to take care of your garment and how to mend.

The last two chapters are a brilliant addition. There's a whole chapter on felting and another on knitting machines which I hadn't expected.

There are also guides to knitting stitches such as the above guide to cables, and the guide to seaside stitches below which I loved.

Throughout the whole book there are patterns which you can attempt. There's a pattern for a lovely cowl, a hot water bottle cover, ribbed legwarmers, a beanie, basic patterns for a male and female jumper, a felted bag and belt, lots of fairisle pattern charts, a cushion, a purse, toddler socks, an iPod holder, a shawl and a cafitere cosy.

The book has a lovely welcoming feel as if all your silly questions will be answered and you might actually be able to grasp knitting and do very well at it.

Sometimes introduction to knitting books can be oddly illustrated or have strange photographs but this book is funky and up-to-date. It's enticing and relaxed while containing very practical and useful information.

You won't cast it aside when you've grasped the basics of knitting either, you'll refer to it over and over again.

You can buy a copy of Knitting Basicsby Melody Lord by clicking the link.

Thanks to Murdoch Books who sent me this copy to review.


Melody said...

Hi Jo, thanks for your review of my book. I hope to see something you've knitted using the seaside stitches soon!

Jo said...

Hi Melody - thanks for stopping by : )

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