Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Finished: V-Neck Crocheted Top

I hope you had a productive and/or relaxing Easter bank holiday weekend. I finished my crocheted top on Easter Sunday.

I started this after christmas as I saw a very basic crochet pattern in a book I got as a present and decided to rip a shrug I was crocheting. The shrug looked ok but I wasn't sure I would get a lot of wear out of it and the Rowan cotton glace cost me £40 (bought a long time ago now!)

Apologies for the quality of photographs in this post. A lot of the pictures were taken with my blackberry camera which I never covered and therefore has become dusty over the year. Also it has been very dull here over the Easter weekend with not much light coming in for photographs. Also the photos weren't taken by me. Ahem *clears throat*

I started the 'Anna Shrug' in September last year. It was nice but wasn't very wearable. Before I started the Anna Shrug it was a knitted cream cardigan which looked beautiful but I got sick of wrestling with the 4 ply cotton and gave up, (ok being honest it was the picking up stitches at the end. I wasn't patient with it as I didn't want to finish it enough I think).

It's been frogged and knitted/crocheted so many times it's in desperate need of a gentle wash in the washing machine and a good press with the iron but I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

I was thinking I should slip stitch the seam a little more up to the neck but then I teamed it with a sleeveless top and thought it looked ok layered. I may change my mind again and crochet it up slightly more.

I think in retrospect I would have prefered a white summer top but cream is fine and I promise you I won't rip it again. Not yet anyway.

It was taken from a lovely book called Contemporary Crochet: 37 European Designs by Sys Fredens. It has lots of wearable tops, jumpers, stockings and skirts in neutral colours. You need to check at the back of the book what their version of double and treble crochet is as this pattern tells you to double crochet and it's treble crochet but they've left you to come up with your own choice of yarn which I liked.

I loved getting this as a present for christmas. I will try and blog about the other books I received soon before summer!!

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