Sunday, 11 March 2012


I've been on Ravelry here for nearly three years.

I started there in the summer of 2009 just before I started my business.

I love the patterns on there. You can search by colour, by method, by yarn weight and whether you would like to buy or not. You can see who else has knitted a pattern you have. You can join one of hundreds of groups from those who like Doctor Who to those who listen to a podcast and want to chat about a particular episode they've just listened to.

As you can see above I have a list of patterns I have seen on the site and would like to knit or crochet. I have put them in a list of preference so I want to make the snood most of all, closely followed by this skirt pattern I found, published by Nikol Lohr on the Knitty blog in 2010.

I have fallen in love with this pattern. My favourite weight of yarn is aran so a thick luscious skirt knitted in this weight of wool is my idea of heaven. The colour is beautiful and I love the fact that she has given two different yarns, one £12, the other £5. (An average sized woman would need to spend between £15 to £36).

I'm seriously tempted by this and will make sure I pick up some balls of Lion Brand aran yarn in red when I pass a yarn shop this month. At least I know where it is forever thanks to Ravelry!

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