Friday, 16 March 2012

Quick Handmade Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Here's a quick idea if you want to rustle up a mother's day card tomorrow in time for sunday:

Time needed: 2 hours

You will need:

An M and U letter in the size and font of your choice printed off from your computer
A blank card
Felting wool
Disappearing fabric marker pen (if using light coloured felt)
Tailors Chalk (if using dark felt)
A felting mat
A felting needle
Felted balls (optional)

1. Make sure your letters will space out right on your card. I flipped the 'M' over to the right to make sure.

2. You will need some felting wool in colours of your choice.

3. Pin your letters to some felt and cut out. You can use a disappearing marker pen which fades after 48 hours or, for dark coloured felt, tailors chalk which rubs away.

4. Pull off a strip of felting wool. Try to match the width and length of the strip you pull off to the length and width of the letter you are felting. This will avoid obvious joins in your felting work. Layer up the felt and stab it repeatedly into the letter. You can build up the felting wool to make as 3D a letter as you like. Bear in mind you will want to fit it into the envelope. Don't be afraid to go over the edges then trim back with scissors.

5. When you have finished the needle marks will still be evident. This tends to disappear as the felting wool settles after being stabbed. If it doesn't settle warm your fingers and smooth the wool with your hands.

6. You can now glue the felt letters to the card using craft glue.

7. You can add felted balls to the letters if you like.

I hope I've inspired you to whip up a quick mother's day card tomorrow if you have left it to the last minute to create! Please remember you can use this idea for personal use but don't copy for profit.

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De Nostalgische Nonnevot said...

Very sweet and a great idea..!!Nicole*

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