Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Book review: Wonderful Ways with Wax

I love this book by Jann Visser. It's full of bright colours.

This is an ecletic book which sits beautifully on the border between art and craft. With over 50 projects, full instructions and guides to the equipment you will need it's an excellent introduction to encaustic art. There's a rainbow of inspiration here which will inspire you to get melting!

For those not familiar with encaustic art it involves melting slabs of wax onto an iron and ironing it onto a wide variety of materials.

Some of the projects contain mixed media such as wood and tissue along with paper.

The project below involves moulding tissue after you have ironed the wax onto the paper. There would be no limit to what you could use to add to the picture in this way. The author discovered this medium after painting with oils and the principles are the same. You could add pretty much anything into the picture and get truly creative.

There are so many different ideas in here from abstract pictures to practical projects such as cards to make for christmas and mother's day. The landscapes in the book such as the seascape below are amazing.

There are templates at the back of the book and plenty of tips and hints as you go through. There wasn't a link to a website where you can get slabs of wax for encaustic art but Jann has put her email at the back of the book so you can ask her about equipment or materials.

Thanks to Search Press for sending me this book to review. You can buy this book here.

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