Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That green-eyed monster

Extra Crafty Art Print by thedreamygiraffe

The idea for this post on the green-eyed monster came to me when listening to a podcast by the phenomenal Sister Diane last night. She was interviewing Liz Smith about her shop and she mentioned how normal a feeling of envy is when appearing on the craft scene online.

Everyone seems to have a better shop or writes a better blog. They seem to know more people or have more twitter followers than you. It's so easy to focus on this to the point where it holds you back.

It's all about patience and learning from other people. Do you read an article by a top seller on etsy and get infuriated because it's not you? Or do you sit calmly, make sure you read it through for tips and advice and value the article, thanking its author for their wisdom?

When you compare yourself to you it feels great. It's all about your personal best. If you sold nothing last week and you sold five items this week that's great.

It's also about not making assumptions about people's experience or background. If they get picked to write an article or be interviewed or are particularly good at online marketing or html then they've obviously got some experience or knowledge that may not be apparent to you unless they have their full CV online for you to browse.

Why waste your time getting jealous of someone's genius PR idea when they have 15 years of marketing experience you don't know about at a top company? There's no way you should ever compare yourself to them if you are just starting out in online selling.

That green-eyed monster is truly destructive. It eats all your positive thoughts and demolishes the time you need to spend working hard on your crafty business or other career.

Remember, don't compare yourself to strangers. Compare yourself to you.

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