Thursday, 9 February 2012

Four year blog anniversary!

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Four years ago today I sat down with my old slow laptop which was about to grind to a halt and started a second blog. This blog. I was in quite a dull job and wanted to blog without conflict, something I couldn't do on my first blog where I was writing pretty much every day back then for a political party. Comments would arrive in my inbox which were argumentative, sometimes abusive and exhausting, creating negative energy in my evening.

I decided I wanted a truly positive space on the web. Somewhere I could revive my old hobby of crafting. I had cross stitched a lot during my teenage years but never crocheted, knitted or sewn. I had recently started going into craft shops during lunch hours to de-stress where I would buy packs of cards to decorate. It wasn't enough. I needed something bigger, more magical, to absorb my boredom-induced stress.

I started the blog with no digital camera. Just a camera phone. I was so full of enthusiasm I didn't care about that. What I did care about was reading other bloggers. I found Alice from Future Girl and Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits and felt instantly part of a different, friendlier, community.

For most people the first few months of a blog aren't always relaxing. No-one reads your posts and you aren't quite sure what you want to write about. I eventually bought a digital camera but my photos were awful. I used to look back on my blog posts and not feel happy. For the first six months my blog didn't really cheer me up. It didn't make me sad either but I knew I would have to stick with it for a long time if I wanted as many readers as my other blog.

Eighteen months after starting the blog I started my first etsy shop which for a year took me away and it became rushed and barren. All my energy went into producing items for the shop so it looked like I was blogging-to-promote all the time. Now I have a set amount of items in my shop and in the last twelve months I’ve had more money and time to spend crafting as a hobby again. I feel as if I have gone full circle. There is lovely feedback in my shop and in my inbox about my blog and I feel as if I have created a fully positive space to inhabit on the web.

If you are a regular or ocassional reader thank you for supporting me and I look forward to inspiring you in the months and years ahead.

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