Saturday, 4 February 2012

Book Review: Stylish Sewing

Stylish Sewing by Laura Wilhelm is a pretty alternative to the Cath Kidston craft books. It's more practical, containing patterns for pyjamas as well as skirts, and it delves into sewing for men, still a niche area for sewing books.

It contains a full-size pattern sheet so there is no need to enlarge on a photocopier, a task which often deters the novice. They overlap each other to save on space and are printed on very good quality paper designed to last a long time.

There is a good selection of projects, 35 overall, but sadly only one toy project at the back of the book.

Overall there is: one toy project, one clothes project for a boy, one clothes project for a man, eight clothes or accessory projects for young girls, ten clothes or accessory projects for women, five for the kitchen, six for the bedroom and three for the lounge. Perfect if you are a woman wanting to sew for your daughter and your home.

What I love about this book is that there are basic projects to adapt to your style, such as a skirt and pyjamas, but there are also new styles I have never seen before in a pattern book, such as a dress designed to go over jeans which I am thinking of making, and the apron, which is unusually designed too.

The book has four pages on basic techniques at the back if you are new to sewing. Choosing fabric is covered and a website where the fabrics in the book were obtained is clearly stated. Allowing five per cent for shrinkage is also explained, a point I haven't come across in other sewing books.

Sylish Sewing is beautifully shot, simply presented and very accessible to both the novice and experienced sewer. The fashionable and trendy clothes are very up-to-date and you will want to make them all. If you have never sewn before buy a sewing machine and buy this book. I can't think of a better place to begin.

Buy Stylish Sewing here.

This book was sent to me to review by Search Press.

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