Friday, 6 January 2012

Things to do this weekend

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The first week in January can be the worst for motivation. Two weeks of chocolate, TV and family chats are good at the time and a break from the normality of your routine, but if you're anything like me I couldn't wait to get going again.

I have fallen into a rough routine in my 9-5 weekdays and I get more done when I try really hard to switch off and do something completely different at the weekend. Avoiding my bedroom where I study, write, and create during the day helps me do this.

I find spending time in the kitchen helps me to stop thinking about articles, what to make next for my shop or what the latest rejection letter means.

This weekend to rejuvenate after a four-day stint back at 'work' after Christmas I will mostly be:

Seeing if I can find citric acid and heart shaped moulds to make the bath bombs featured above!

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Making bread! This looks utterly delicious and I haven't made any bread for ages. I love the process of kneading the dough. It's a repetitive action which I find satisfying!

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Watching new Danish drama Borgen. It's from the same producers as 'The Killing' which I enjoyed when it was repeated on BBC4 and I began to watch back through series one on iPlayer. It was compelling and I found the political side fitted well with the criminal plotlines. I hope Borgen is as good. I'm sure it will be as it has good reviews. It's on BBC4 at 9pm tomorrow if you're in the UK.

Catching up on podcasts such as 'Electric Sheep' as my iTunes has broken again after installing an update! This is the third time this has happened and when it works again, if it ever does, I won't be installing any more updates ever again!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Wendy said...

They sell the moulds and the citric acid at the soap kitchen. I think it's but you should find it on google. They also do kits. They're bloody hard to make - just a warning!

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