Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lavender Sachets

It's been a long day today. After an interview this morning I have finally made it back into full-time employment!

So I took some time this afternoon to chill and use some of my 'Tilda' charm pack up by making some lavender sachets.

I have a huge bag of lavender lurking away after a former colleague kindly donated some a few years back. I never got round to making any lavender sachets with it as I got distracted by felt! I'm going to have another practice session with the sewing machine on some scrap material to see if I can go round corners and curves.

The sachets will have a 'patchwork' feel as the fronts will be different from the backs. I love the smell of lavender and may keep a couple for myself/presents.

Very traditional like bunting and so easy to make : )

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