Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Creepy Book Reviews

These books are a must buy if you want to celebrate with your family this Halloween.

This is called 'Witch Craft' by Margaret McGuire and Alicia Kachmar and is crammed full of brilliant projects for children and adults alike. If you like making accessories, fun objects to decorate the house, cakes for children's parties or knitting and crochet then this is definitely for you! Many of the projects are very cheap to make and quick to rustle up. A lot of them can be geared towards children. The patterns don't need enlarging and there are a few hidden PDFs to look up online if you want more.

These ruby red slippers are fab for dressing up for a Halloween party:

This tutu rocks!

This witch is so sweet! I can't wait to put my new-found crochet skills to good use to make her:

Creepy Cute Crochet is also an amazing book and one I will treasure! If you haven't already bought this, love crochet and love the look of it from the pictures below I urge you to click this link and buy it this minute! Full of the most wonderful crocheted creatures from zombies to ninjas, from vampires to aliens, from robots to vikings, its very contents ooze creepiness.
The author, Christen Haden, has included very easy-to-follow instructions at the back. The two pages contain the basic crochet pattern for all the figures so if you wanted to crochet a lot you would probably learn the pattern off by heart. Amigurumi are great as you only need basic DK yarn such as cotton which can be bought very cheaply in bright colours.

I love this corporate zombie so much - he looks quite dazed and it Friday yet?

And OMG this happy couple are so cute!

And last but not least is the big Grim Reaper himself, a must at Halloween:

Do buy these books and enjoy!

* These books were kindly sent to me to review on this blog by Quirk Books.

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