Saturday, 13 August 2011

Crocheted Shrug

The cream cardigan I was laboriously knitting in 4 ply last year has finally met its sad demise. It was on a life support machine for over 12 months in a 'picking up the stitches' coma until I finally decided I couldn't be bothered to make it up. I had gone off the cardigan at this point and thought it looked considerably stranger in my world than on the stunningly beautiful rowan model with her fantastic clothes next to it. Odd that.

So I've decided to shoot the cardigan and remould it into a crocheted shrug. I'm a bit nervous as this will be the first garment, aside from basic mittens, I've crocheted. It won't be as daunting as knitting as my mum crochets so I will be able to easily ask for help if things go wrong. I like the design of this Anna Shrug, sadly no longer available for free on the Rowan website, as it's much more my style. Something to throw on with jeans which won't look too posh!

Watch this space for updates!

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