Friday, 8 July 2011

Reviving a winter coat

I've been inspired by the books I was sent on upcycling which you can win here until 5pm GMT today or midday EST. I haven't attempted anything major as you will see but thought I would start small. I don't like anything fussy on my clothes and often buy plain colours with no pattern, so I thought I would use some fabric to create some buttons for an old coat I have hanging in the wardrobe.

The buttons were 2 mm bigger than the nearest size of plastic button I could find but they fit through the buttonhole firmly. The buttons are also dry cleanable, as is my coat so they should withstand cleaning.

Just in case I change my mind I thought I would keep the 13 buttons for a while! They are such gorgeous red plastic buttons already on the coat.

Red doesn't tend to photograph well so apologies for the blurry picture! I'm going to finish the first few of them today as I only have a 5" sample from a charm pack, then wait until my fabric needs are sizable enough to do another online order.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway here if you haven't already!

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