Thursday, 26 May 2011

Vegan Bags

I recently got this book, Easy Crochet Bags, out of the library as a lot of the patterns were based around cotton bags for shopping, something I am thinking of creating myself.

I thought it would distract me from crocheting with wool. As you can see I've managed to crochet a star... : )

As many of you know I went vegan in my diet around this time last year but decided to continue crafting with wool. It is difficult to contemplate giving up wool as I also use a great deal of felt in my crafting. Many non-vegans will question why vegans have a problem with wool as the sheep doesn't die in the process. However, veganism means not using any animal products at all in life, so it includes buying special vegan candles, soap, not using animal manure on the garden, and not wearing leather or wool. I must admit my conscience is suffering a lot while knitting with wool and I do feel as if I'm running out of arguments for using wool as a vegan when it involves taking part in an industry which is inherently cruel towards animals.

I have a stack of wool to get rid of in my shop, and I am thinking when that's gone I won't be re-making it or buying any new stock.

So I thought I would take a look through my stash and see if there is anything I knitted out of cotton when I first started crafting a few years ago that I can unwind and crochet up into a bag.

These projects look fab. I love these two bags. They sound really easy to crochet in the round with no sewing - what heaven! And of course they fold down into a really small space to fit into your handbag.

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Sophie said...

I struggle with the wool thing. Although I call myself vegan, I tend to make decisions on stuff I eat or use on a quite individual basis in terms of greeness, veganess, ethicalness and affordability. With wool, I can't find a strong enough argument that convinces me either way so I still use it for felting projects although tend to choose cottons etc for other stuff!

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