Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Knitting Magazine June Issue

Regular readers of this blog will know I never stick to just one crafty magazine every month. I can do a wide variety of different crafts and can't find one to completely satisfy me enough to stick with it or subscribe to it. I wonder if magazine publishers have any plans to let you mix and match subscriptions on their titles? That would be truly great and I'm sure it would increase sales. If I could do that I would happily subscribe to 'Making Magazine', the Debbie Bliss Magazine and this one, Knitting Magazine, all published by the GMC Group, so every issue would be different.

This month's issue of Knitting Magazine is beautiful. Stunning. The photography and clothes are as aesthetically pleasing as Rowan Magazine, but often without the price tag. The book reviews in the current issue are fantastic. There are the usual craft books, but also they have included a fiction selection too.

The letters page is brilliant and I learnt of a very useful website within seconds of reading it. Jeanette Sloan is extremely knowledgable and doesn't give up if she can't give a straightforward answer to a question. The advice she gives is very technical and informative.

OK - so I admit it, I'm not planning to knit any of the patterns in the immediate future, but I'm a sucker for beautiful photography and useful hints...

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