Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Felted Jumpers

I bought these lovely jumpers in my local British Red Cross shop on friday. What finds! The blue one is 100% lambswool which felts very well. The pattern on the other one is lovely. It was so huge I could fit into it even after felting!

Having thought what I could do with it I came to the conclusion that I would sell squares of it in my shop. So look out for them soon.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sweets and cakes

Another couple of packages to the post office this morning. More opportunities to use the tape I bought a few months ago from Charmstore:

Isn't it cute? The chocolate made my mouth water : )

Friday, 25 March 2011

Folksy Friday - PDFs

Things are going well in my folksy shop these last couple of weeks. I've decided to focus on patterns and downloads for my folksy friday this week to celebrate. Hope you enjoy:

'Norwood Monkey and Bananas Knitting Pattern PDF' by "fluff and fuzz"

'Bookmark, Kokeshi Girl, Print and Make' by "Papercake Print and Make"

'Kawaii Japan PDF Zine - travel writing, photography and illustration' by "Asking For Trouble" ***Marceline is donating £4 from every sale of her travel zine to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Fund until April 9th***

'Make your own Sock Hopper, PDF instructions' by "Made by Kate"

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rainbow felt shapes

I've been cutting more felt shapes this week and I have finally achieved a good level of stock again.

I have this dream where four people order all my felt shapes in one day so I need to be prepared for this lovely occasion (!) and still have more leftover for other customers for the next day when that rare occurance could happen again...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Felt Grab Bags

I'm cutting so many numbers and letters at the moment I'm left with lots of offcuts of felt which aren't quite big enough to cut anything else from. I'm filling 9 by 6 inch bags full of the offcuts which I will be selling in my shops in a week or so.

It's very colourful as you can see. I'm hoping someone can make use of them!

Homemade Hugs for Japan

I've finished my first square for the 'Homemade Hugs' project to knit blankets for those families caught up in the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

As you can see my square is a bit wonky but it is 20cm x 20cm so should be fine. Also I started in grey before I saw that they prefer colour. Grey will be okay but I will delve into my old stash where I am sure I have some acrylic pink (acrylic is ok). Apparently grey is "A colour that represents 'helpfulness' in the East."

This is a fantastic project to start off with if you are new to knitting. I stayed with garter stitch for ages and there is no better motivation than knitting to help keep someone warm in a crisis.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Felted Eggs

I've added my felted eggs to my folksy shop this week. They remain my most favourited items in my etsy shop and always get commented on when I tweet about them or facebook them!

They are so enjoyable and fun to make!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Recycling a tote bag: Part Two

The tote bag I'm recovering with a piece of black fabric and some pink yo-yo's is coming along nicely. I've finished sewing them all up and have cut the black fabric and tacked it ready for the sewing machine.

Those readers who have been with me a while now will know I have a bit of a sewing machine phobia but I can manage short bursts if I have to.

I'm planning to buy a bit of interfacing to iron the fabric to the bag to finish it. I'm going to so much trouble as the bag is unusually thick and has a large phone pocket inside. I haven't been able to find another like it....

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Discount cards

From now on whenever you order from either of my shops I'll include a discount card with your order:

If you buy from my folksy shop you'll receive a code that you will be able to use in the 'message to seller' box in paypal and if you buy from my etsy shop you will be able to type the code into the box at etsy checkout.

Friday, 18 March 2011

New felted items

I've decided to expand my range of 'pick your own' felted balls. I've listed a 'thirty felted balls' item for £15 in my folksy shop and etsy shop:

I love the colours of these as I felt them - and the texture : )

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Recycling a tote bag

I get a wonderful dose of inspiration from reading my daily craft magazine emails. There is such an ecletic mix of projects and art. One of the projects featured, by Kat Roberts, has inspired me to get on with a recycling project I had planned:

I really enjoyed making these. More Tilda fabric scraps were employed and a lovely purple/pink craft fabric came in useful too. As you will see in the tutorial by Kat they are so simple to make. You just cut a circle, sew up in long stitch around the edge then you draw it up and fasten off. So useful if you have a lot of scraps you don't know what to do with.

This is the bag I'm recycling. I don't know quite what possessed me as a 24-year-old to buy a bag with 'Meet the Ramones' scrawled on the front. I have used it a lot, lately turning the bag round so the writing is hidden by my side! I decided to cover it in black fabric but couldn't decide what to sew on that would look very neat.

I will post a finished photo up in a few weeks...

Monday, 14 March 2011

Rainbow Felted Balls

I had a large order for felted balls last night in my folksy shop:

I really enjoyed packaging them all up and making them look good in a cool rainbow way:

I couldn't resist a moo card in each packet...the more the merrier...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief

I've decided to donate £4 from every sale of my strawberry pincushion on etsy to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief, that's 50% of the price.

This will last until the end of March so hopefully it will raise a fair bit for the Red Cross. At the end of March I will put all my receipts to the Red Cross on this blog : )

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Gift Guide Feature

It was wonderful during a busy start to the week to be greeted with news of a lovely Mother's Day gift guide featuring my pick your own felted balls by Viv on Inspired Celebration:

I know my mum doesn't read my blogs so I can tell you I'm planning to buy her a bilberry bush which can grow in a container. Lets hope it's as productive as it looks in my gardening catalogue!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Etsy Ten Day Sale

I'm having a sale in my etsy shop to celebrate introducing shipping to the US again!

You can have 10% off all my items using the code 'MARCH' until Monday 14th March.

I have received some lovely feedback from my first customer in my folksy shop which I thought I would share with you:

"The butterfiles are perfect for my project and the seller was extremely helpful with my additional requests, plus offering me my choice of colour. They arrived very quickly, and were safely packaged; thank you!"

Isn't that great?

Here are some of my items:

My beautiful cabled purple armwarmers, or

lovely array of felt hearts which you can order in any colours - just message me via etsy first and I'll see what I can do, or

a cute selection of 100% merino wool roving to get started, or

a collection of lovely blue felted balls to thread on a necklace, sew onto a scarf or just admire! You can decorate fabric by stabbing the ball onto it with a felting needle and it will lock itself. Fab!

Welsh Folksy Friday

Today the outcome of the welsh referendum is declared. If the result is 'yes' the welsh assembly will have more power on issues such as education. This is vital for the people of Wales and I thought I would celebrate. The polls are looking good for a 'yes' vote!

'Hand Printed Organic Welsh Tote Bag' by "Peris & Corr"

'Sunset Canvas Print' by "laurajaynedesign"

'Hand Printed Welsh Thank You Card' also by "Peris & Corr"

'Custom Made Appliqued Welsh Dragon Cushion' by "Molly Moo and Jessica Too"

Go Wales!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Felt Brooches galore

I've become addicted to making these felt brooches. I have all the colours of felt I could ever ask for thanks to a grant so I'm in heaven being able to put colours together nicely.

It's so much lighter now during the day with the blazing sun making a welcome return. There's a definite sense of spring in the air even though it's gone temporarily cold again before the spring showers in April and May.

I've been digging over my allotment which I got last August. It's been a very different place over the winter with everything looking quite forlorn and barren. When I first saw the allotments last September everything was still in full bloom and I even ate an apple from the communal apple trees. I'm looking forward to it looking like that once more...
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