Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Recycling Present Packaging

It seems strange writing about Christmas presents in February but I found a use for a lovely sock box I got from my sister! It was one half of her present to me and the socks were rather groovy with the penguin on. The perfect present for a bookworm sister like me. Once I had taken the socks out I was left with this box which is perfect for little craft supplies so I can put it neatly on my shelf.

I re-used quite a lot of the containers that my presents came in. Just in the picture behind the box is a cool bucket which had lots of gardening goodies in. I redecorated it with Cath Kidston stickers and it now holds my pens and pencils on my desk.

Have you re-used any containers you got with your presents? I know the boxes and bags Boots use are sometimes presents in themselves.

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