Friday, 14 January 2011

Supplies on etsy

'Anna Brooch' by 'yalipaz' on etsy

Just popping in to take a break from a week of spending afternoons on my tax return. It's nearly finished, but as it's still 2 weeks off the deadline I thought I would take a break and look at it with fresh monday morning eyes after the weekend.

The recent terrorist package sent to the US has also caused major problems with normal post going into America for the past few weeks so I have been dealing with various customers obviously wondering where their packages are. They will get there eventually but I'm hearing that packages can be opened and at the very least screened at customs on their way so do bear this in mind if you are in america and have your eye on something from a shop overseas : )

In the meantime I thought I would share some purchases I've been making on etsy:

Kawaii tape from an assorment by 'Charmstore' on etsy

and finally:

'Blush buttons' by 'BigFish'

Such cool supplies and items from around the world...I do love etsy!

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