Thursday, 6 January 2011

Recycled Moo Cards

I've spent an hour or two re-using my moo cards which have all my old contact details on from my old shop.

I used to be into papercraft before I came off work so have an extensive collection to pick from. I had only just got business cards in September and had ordered 100 so I was left with 80 after handing them out to people and putting a couple in sale envelopes for people to keep and give away to friends or family.

It feels better now I have done this as my first 3 sales in my new etsy shop took me by surprise! Which is nice but I hadn't figured out what to use. I used up some notelets with a row of brightly coloured doughnuts on with a handwritten note up until now but type always looks more professional I feel...

It's one of those tasks which aren't that creatively stimulating but which have to be done...along with my tax return! The tax return may not be so pretty to look at though : )

What have you done with Moo cards which is slightly different to the norm?

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