Thursday, 27 January 2011

Grey Cabled Bag

I'm knitting a cabled bag for myself with some beautiful grey wool. I decided this could be another signature item that I could wear to advertise something I've made when out and about possibly talking about my shop with people I meet. I've managed a few cabled knits now and it's almost become easy and second nature. *Touch wood*.

The pattern is for a DK wool but my wool is aran. This won't matter as tension is irrelevant to bags as the worse thing that can happen is that it may be a few inches bigger. I've used 3mm needle for the garter stitch top instead of 3.25mm and I will use 3.75mm instead of the recommended 4mm to try and counter this.

There is only a chart to show you the 16 row pattern which is repeated so I am planning to sit down with some coloured pencils and colour code which squares are knit and which are purl. Of course they are coded already but you have to switch the symbol which is knit on a right side to mean a purl on the wrong side. I'm anticipating my head getting in a tangled mess so coloured pencils definitely need to be employed to aid my chart reading skills!

There are a lot of lovely patterns over on the Rowan website which are free to download.

You can download the pattern for the bag here.

1 comment:

She loves a good yarn said...

Nice pattern, keep with cable, it really is easier than it looks, just the same 2 stitches as the rest of knitting! Cant wait to see the finished bag.

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