Monday, 27 December 2010

Open for business

'I would like the cookie' by ara133photography on etsy

Just popping in to let you know that I have opened my shop after my christmas break. I hope you had a lovely christmas wherever you were and are looking forward to the New Year. I have a sale on my christmas decorations with 25% off until Tuesday 4th January. I have already adjusted the prices so you won't need a code.

The post in the UK is back to normal apart from a few exceptions so I can post items on:

Wednesday 29th December
Thursday 30th December
Friday 31st December before noon
Tuesday 4th January onwards

I will post items by Airmail or First Class post as soon as I can when you place your order.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Photo by SweetBlue on Etsy

Just dropping in to wish all my readers a very merry christmas this weekend. I've had a wonderful year craft wise with such a sense of fulfilment even when things haven't gone my way and such a thrill when they have!

I've learnt to listen to harsh criticism and to persevere. I've learnt that the outcome of a project is absolutely proportional to the effort put in. I've also been constantly reminded of what a beautiful place the craft web community is. The novelty of being surrounded by wonderful people who understand my love of handmade never wears off.

I'm looking forward to a year which will hopefully be more financially productive as well as spiritually and intellectually fulfilling.

I hope you are too...x

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow falls in Somerset

I've been ankle deep in snow on a long walk this morning...hope you like this picture taken at firepool lock. Have fun if you are out and about in the snow!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Paper Chains

Here is what I have made with the free downloads from Bonnie's magazine ...lots of paper chains to decorate all our rooms. Printed on recycled printer paper and reused next year, of course!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sale in my etsy shop!

I'm having a sale in my new shop! I'm offering 15% off in my etsy shop when you type the code 'LASTMINUTE' in at checkout. The offer will be on until next Thursday 23rd December when I will close. I will then re-open on Tuesday 28th December. I am not expecting any problems or issues with the post even with the snow forecast as I live two streets away from a post office in a large town. However, if you order now your package may not arrive in time for December 25th.

Also, if you need any last minute crafty ideas I've found a lovely free magazine from Bonnie at 'Going home to roost'. Lots of ideas from free wrapping paper to print to how to make bath kind of magazine, and I hope, yours : )

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas shopping on etsy

I recently finished this christmas pudding which is crocheted with acrylic yarn. I am still in the process of learning crochet and the other week I read about the official way to increase and decrease stitches, but I had made it up myself and stuck to my own seems to work just fine so who cares huh?

I bought a huge ball of brown and white acrylic yarn over the summer and didn't think I would ever reach the end of them! So much cheaper than making mittens or hats and infinitely more fun...

Here are a few other christmas decorations in my shop which you can buy before christmas if you are in the UK and order before Saturday 18th December (this saturday). Unfortunately all other christmas postal deadlines for postage from the UK globally have now passed if you want items in time for December 25th. If you don't want them before xmas then feel free to shop away...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Gifts for men on etsy

I had my first two sales today after opening my new shop 'SweetCuteHandmade' on etsy and so to celebrate I've rounded up a mini selection of gifts for men which have been handmade in the UK just in case you can't decide what to buy the men in your life:

'Dandelion with silver chain' by "AliBaliJewellery" from Scotland.

'Handmade soap gift box' by "SoapDragon" from Kent.

'Snowflakes Pure Silk Hand Painted Silk Tie' by "Julieriis" from Derby.

'Bedroom set cushion cover and hot water bottle sweater' by "ACrookedSixpence" from County Durham.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

My new shop!

It seems like a month has passed since my last blog post...I've been doing so much on etsy! I was in a virtual lab one night last week and finally made the decision to change my shop/business name. I felt I had learnt enough to make starting over completely worth while so took the plunge. The advice you get in etsy virtual labs is fab and I definitely recommend them. As you can see there are some new items in with my 'Celia Sews' stock and there will be plenty of new supplies being loaded over the coming weeks. It's called 'SweetCuteHandmade' if you want to take a look : )

I will blog soon on some knitted and crocheted items which I have finished...
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