Monday, 15 November 2010

A big decision

Just popping in to let you know that you still have about 36 hours left to enter my giveaway here. If you have entered before do remember to leave your comment underneath the blog post otherwise I cannot enter you for the prize. Thanks very much to those who have completed my survey. It's great to get some data to guide me as I can't hear what you say when you look at my shop or read my blog and I love any feedback!

I thought I would update you with how I'm getting on with my Prince's Trust offline venture....I've decided to wait until I am a more experienced maker to sell at a craft fair as it takes a lot of confidence which is something that has taken a severe knock since losing my job. What I do have is lots of determination, so I am looking at a 'consignment' option which means I am looking for somewhere to place my best products at no cost in someone else's shop who will then earn commission on my work if or when I sell...a lot like etsy really. I've decided this is a gentler way to come offline and won't involve any risk as I don't lose anything if I don't sell.

Do you have any experience of consignment? Did you sell a lot through another shop?


Marti crafts said...

Hi, i have just found your blog, twitter ect from another crafter, I really like your bits and bobs on Etsy, I also have been looking to get more sold offline, I have took the plunge and have done I craft fair and have 3 more booked up, I understand the confidence thing and I think first time if you make your stall money back and learn a bit then your ok! (so I tell myself!) getting into a shop would be great try talking to Flories maybe in Street (on highstreet) I think they take consignments, worth a shot! take care nice to have found you.

Jo said...

Thanks for your advice and lovely comments : )


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