Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cornish Organic Wool

My Cornish Organic Wool arrived from, you guessed it, Cornwall this week. It looked very pretty in its hank and I was very excited as I had never tried organic wool before. After I had done all the calculations I realised I was getting two of my normal knitting balls in one hank so didn't feel so bad about the price. I started to unwind it and roll it into one massive ball with someone to help me with their arms outstretched!

As I had just put some knitting down using my usual Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran the wool felt quite rough in comparison but I think it was because it had been hand dyed. Once I had started to knit with it it felt wonderful. It's very resilient wool and is just a different look to my Debbie Bliss yarn. It's also beautifully gradiated with different shades of purple throughout the wool. It does look quite different from the picture on their website but you always have to be flexible with small wool businesses and it didn't bother me as purple is my favourite colour.

Above all it's lovely to knit with wool which has been soil association accredited and it's a symbol I could put on the label of what I'm making so I'm happy.

You can look at the website here.

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