Sunday, 20 June 2010

Simply Fabulous Knitting Darling...

Simply Fabulous Knitting is a simply fabulous book.* I must admit, when I first picked this up a couple of years ago when first learning how to knit, I was a bit put off by the grey and pink combo inside, but I had looked through all the other books and the content didn't look as thorough. I wasn't disappointed when I started to read it. It really encouraged me that I could wade in about 10 or 20 pages in and still had plenty to read. There are all sorts of hints and tips on each page in boxes entitled 'Classy Clickers'.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to knitting don't be put off by the colour combo - you won't be disappointed : )

*(If you are not in the UK scroll down to the bottom of the page on Amazon where you will find a list of countries.)

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