Saturday, 12 June 2010

Selling on Etsy

I've been relaxing with some crochet after knitting lots of cables lately. I still think I'm doing a strange reversal of double crochet (hook into one then two instead of two then one) but I've got into a habit now and it looks pretty enough to me!

This ball of yarn was left over after I misread the amount of balls needed for these socks I knitted from a pattern by Erika Knight. I think I did just need over 2 balls so I would have needed the third anyway. I will need another ball for what I'm thinking of doing but I suppose it's halved the cost of buying a different colour or yarn : )

In other news I have decided to pool my resources and time and shut my folksy shop. I have started to list a little more and renew items and the cost was mounting. Focussing on Etsy will encourage me more and save money I think.

Anyway...back to my relaxing crochet : )

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