Monday, 28 June 2010

Going Vegan

About two or three months ago I made a decision to become veggie. It felt right after committing to 'Meat Free Mondays' - the campaign led by Paul McCartney to encourage people to not eat meat just for one day a week. For me this started with Meat Free Saturdays...then it snowballed into 4 or 5 days a week. I got a veggie book from the library and started cooking from it. Then I stopped eating meat altogether. It felt great.

I was vegetarian for about 2 or 3 years from the age of about 14. I was very into animal rights and against vivisection. I was angry about the local fox hunts and translated it into a desire not to eat animals.

I don't know why I lapsed but perhaps meat was simpler to cook when I was starting to be left alone to cook and take care of my own meals. I remember developing a taste for sausages around this time and having them on bread with lashings of tomato sauce. Amazingly, even as I write this I'm not at all tempted! : )

I would encourage anyone who is wanting a greener lifestyle to try a vegetarian meal...perhaps in a veggie cafe or cook one up. It's often the subconscious 'what will I cook?' worry that nags. For me obviously it was becoming independent and not quite knowing how to cook which made me lapse. Cooking is key and a good cookbook essential.

About a month ago I went one step further and became vegan. This has been more difficult. I practically survived on dairy before...loving lashings of milk in tea and on my breakfast and loving cheese. I saw it as a challenge. I has already switched from chocolate to carob to try and lost weight and wanted to cut out cheese anyway.

I'm managing it so far but it's a little bit more challenging than going veggie. If you have looked at my etsy shop it's stocked full of wool products. I'm really addicted to wool. I've made a promise to myself to phase out wool and felt but it's going to be really difficult. It may be a good decision as I suppose the felt items aren't selling.

So, you can look forward to organic cotton bags and eco cotton knits in my shop in the future!

Lets hope it's soon : )

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Going Vegan said...

vegan power! going vegan is just a better option.

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