Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rose in bloom

I've been enjoying some relaxing cross stitch in the past two weeks. I started this rose pattern about a year ago but wasn't pleased with the unopened first rose. It didn't entice me to carry on stitching and I thought I had started a piece that was too large for my concentration span. Well, my concentration must have improved as I'm finding the stitching in pink very enlivening and pleasing. I was very impressed with the second rose and am looking forward to finishing the blossoming process with five roses, the final one being completely open. It is beautiful but as you can see it's become quite ragged. This is because it's a large piece of fabric and I should use my rectangular frame but it makes my arms ache! The act of putting it in a hoop is making the fabric flop over on itself. I will press it when finished obviously, and framing it will stretch any folds out too.

I started it as I was looking at rose prints for my bedroom wall and couldn't believe the price of them. So I looked on the DMC website and downloaded the free pattern.

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