Friday, 21 May 2010

Folksy Friday

My selections from Folksy today are quite simply stunningly beautiful. I love the colours you find in glass work; so deep, vibrant and eye-catching. Enjoy : )

"Candy fused glass necklace" by 'Tias Glass'

"Stained Glass Lantern - Kaleidoscope "Circles"" by 'Cherished Stained Glass'

"Glass Jar Lanterns - Stars" by Aldridge Glass

"Valentine Lantern (tealight holder)" by Decoromana


Top Floor T said...

Oooh such pretty things! I think my favourite is the glass jar lanterns - such a simple idea, but so elegant looking :-)

Here's my Folksy Friday

Kate said...

I love the glass pendant it's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Ahh - Thank you Jo for showing my lantern - I love the jar lanterns too -all great & they're fun!

Lisa said...

I love your blog. Please come visit me at

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