Thursday, 8 April 2010

Glastonbury Abbey

I had a very nice visit to Glastonbury Abbey on Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day with a stunning blue sky. I walked past everything from a Herb Garden, a Duck Pond and a Nature Garden. At midday we were even met by a Monk in the kitchen (the last remaining room within the ruins) and the history of the abbey was explained in a very entertaining talk.

I picked this book up in one of the many spiritual second hand bookshops. I was in heaven as Taunton only has one second hand bookshop and I just couldn't believe the choice of spiritual books for a couple of pounds each. It's very easy and relaxing to read - definitely bedtime reading for crafters! She talks about how she learnt to knit and sew and explore her own creativity. She feels that through her crafting she has achieved enlightenment and has grown spiritually. I particularly like the chapter I am in at the moment about colour. She says how she enjoys stitching with red thread more than blue and is more productive when making with red materials. This is something I had noticed with cross stitch as it makes you more energised and motivated to stitch. One of my unfinished projects is a girl on a swing - I have stitched her red fact I couldn't wait to stitch it...but the blue sky put me to sleep a little. She advises wearing a little flash of red such as a belt or scarf but not too much as it has physical effects too such as making your heart beat faster.

All in all a great day and a fantastic bookshop find : )

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