Monday, 19 April 2010

Cream Cardigan: Part Four

I've finally finished knitting my cream cardigan and it feels great. The sleeves were such a hard slog but I it feels worth while now that I stand back and admire my work. My tension has come a long way and I feel my knitting is getting more even with each project. I'm so glad money is tight otherwise I would not have kept going until the end! However I stand by my desire never to knit with 4 ply ever again and unfortunately never with Rowan Cotton Glace as I have never sneezed so much while knitting.

But I'm 80% there now. I'm having a little rest (I'm sick to death of the sight of it for now) and putting it away for about a week, then I'll get it out again, sew it up, pick up the stitches and rib the two front openings and neckline. But only when I'm in the right mood...:)

Happy knitting : )


joyknitt said...

its looking good. I haven't used 4 ply for knitting for about 8 years now, it just takes too long. well done for persevereing

Christals Creations said...

Well done you. Last thing I knitted was a mobile or possibly a doll when I was a lot younger. I don't have the perseverence. ;o)

Anonymous said...

My first time on your blog. The cream cardigan seems to be coming along really well. Don't give up on 4ply - it's my favourite. I also love 2 and 3 ply and knitting lacy stuff on tiny needles.
Good luck, Susan in Glasgow

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