Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cath Kidston Bag

Wow! I've managed to crack my phobia of sewing machines! I was so tempted by the free project that came with 'Sew' by Cath Kidston. I've been so used to not being able to sew anything by machine that it sat inside the front cover for about six months. The recent sale at Cath Kidston inspired me to get cracking as I couldn't afford anything and thought it was ridiculous that I had a free bag just waiting to be made up : )

It was a bit puzzling at first as it isn't a basic bag but I soldiered on with a lot of help from the owner of the sewing machine.

I was fine apart from sorting out the bobbin. I would say that's the most complex bit of sewing with a machine - it really isn't difficult just fiddly...but I suppose knitting can be too. Although I still prefer knitting as I can do it any time without causing any noise and be peaceful. I love the end effect of a sturdy fabric bag though so will try and sew more. It has a much neater more professional look than knitting or crochet, but it depends what you are looking for.

I have nearly finished - I just have to sew the buttons on and cut and sew the buttonholes in the strap. This will be another learning curve as I have never sewn buttonholes.

Anyway buy the book - it's great : )


Deborah said...

well done - I hope this leads to bigger and better things. Using a sewing machine is not that scary -honestly!
One of the women in my sewing class made a bag from the book today, like you she is wary of the machine, but she also did a fab job. Keep it up!

averilpam said...

If you haven't already done it, practice the buttonholes on scrap fabric until you can get them right. Depending on the buttonhole facility on the machine it can be a bit of a learning curve!
Enjoy the bag when it's finished,

Jo Simmonds (nee Anglezarke) said...

I was going to sew the buttonhole by hand the first time - I have a scrap piece of fabric the same thickness to practice on so fingers crossed : )

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