Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cream Cardigan: Part Three

So it's officially been about five months since I wrote an update on my cream cardigan. I put it away just before I started making for Christmas as I had mysteriously added a stitch then went on to drop one later on in the first sleeve. I was upset as I was finding it difficult as it is 4 ply and makes me sneeze frequently and I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

So I stopped sulking a couple of weeks ago and just frogged the entire 18 cm by 80 stitches of 4 ply stocking stitch. I have no money for new tops and thought it was a shame that £40ish worth of yarn was just sitting a bag looking back at me. Hopefully if it works out I will get lots of wear out of it over the breezy summer days...

You can see how many notes I've made over the months here!

At the moment I'm 25cm in and about to start decreasing but I am not looking forward to the second sleeve...but I suppose that's the thing with knitting - you have to take one step at a time. The one thing I have changed when increasing gradually up to this point on the sleeve was to set my row counter to zero then return it to zero after I had increased on the fourth or sixth row...this helped me much more than keeping a running total of rows and trying to remember that I needed to increase on row 4, 8, 12, etc.

Happy knitting!

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