Saturday, 13 February 2010

Book Review: The Big Easy by Debbie Bliss

I recently went to Exeter in Devon and sampled the delights of the wonderful craft shop right by the Exeter Central Train Station, Inspirations. It's a very funky shop full of colour and is lit very well so everything is really easy to find. She had all the items I was looking for and a very good selection of books which meant after a good 20 minutes of browsing I found a book that hit the mark!

The Big Easy by Debbie Bliss is a wonderful book full of chunky relaxed sweaters and beautiful smart jackets. The photography is outstanding as always in these books (probably about 50% of the reason why I buy them) and the patterns are laid out very simply and clearly. The one and only drawback of this book is that I'm on a restricted budget at the moment and 99% of the patterns require wool which would cost £75+ apart from the legwarmers which would cost about £15. Although I'm sure I will one day have the money to knit at least one of the jacket or sweater patterns : )

However, if this doesn't bother you and you are willing to invest some spare money into a jacket you will treasure forever and love Donegal Tweed and Alpaca Silk then go ahead and splash the cash!

Happy knitting : )

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