Monday, 11 January 2010

Lana Lorenz - Fine Artist

I fell in love this afternoon. I've been to see so much more art than I would normally see in the last few months. Lana Lorenz is a college graduate who has been painting full time since 1999. I'm glad to hear Somerset Art Weeks inspired her. It's an event I've participated in in the past and also find very inspiring.

One particular model I liked was made out of a wide range of materials and blankets. She had layered blanket pieces into a 3D structure. It looked like a cake and was quite beautiful.

Also in the gallery was a collection of 42 bags (above) - I really enjoyed lifting up the bag flaps and finding out what a wonderful collection of materials she had put into each bag!

She also has beautiful business cards and I loved looking at her website!

Happy crafting! :)

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