Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Cream crocheted scarf

I've put this scarf into both my folksy shop and my etsy shop. It's quite special to me even though it's a simple colour and stitch. It's the first item I've ever managed to crochet. Struggling with learning to knit completely put me off learning to crochet. I just didn't want to learn any new symbols and thought it would only be useful to make bags. Until I went to the MISI fair. It helped so much having someone teach me - perhaps I should learn a lesson from that and go to the needle felting class I mentioned last week after all!

Once I got going with the chunky yarn and the giant 15mm hook I was deeply relaxed and couldn't stop! It's a wonderful feeling to be on my way to understanding all those funny symbols in the knitting and crochet magazines I have!

Happy knitting and/or crocheting! :)

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