Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Colour coding my stash

I finally got round to achieving a crafting New Year's Resolution a week ago. My 50 A4 resealable bags arrived from eBay which have finally made me feel like organising my stash. I already organised my DMC threads - you can see how here but I haven't done any major tidying or organising since beginning to knit. I am now currently in the process of colour coding all my balls of wool - already a great help. I've been setting up project bags as well - I've had patterns floating around when I've put a project on hold which isn't good even though they're just photocopies I have made of the original pattern in a book.

Unfortunately, before Christmas I lost my temper whilst knitting the sleeve to my cream cardigan - it seemed to go on and on and on as it's 4 ply. Also it makes me sneeze (which yarn very rarely does but when it does it's nasty). I don't think anything went hugely wrong as such - I was tired and unsure if the sleeve was meant to be as long as it was turning out to be then I dropped a stitch, couldn't pick it up, carried on then dropped know the score. So I undid quite a few rows but as the pattern doesn't tell you how many stitches you have every few rows I have no idea where I am in the sleeve section. I may as well undo it and start again. I lost my temper as I was in the middle of making for Christmas so if I just leave it a couple more weeks I should feel like approaching it as if it were a new project.

I'm so determined to finish this cardigan before summer - it's so soft and I love cream - I used to have a really nice cream marl cardigan which I wore to death but left on a London bus! It WILL get finished!

Anyway, happy knitting : )

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Rainbow Bright

This must be the first time in my life I have been able to photograph a rainbow!

This was spotted above the canal on a bike ride on Sunday - the weather was perfect for biking - luckily I had wrapped up in a jumper, raincoat and warm cords. I cycled first along the river which is about 1 mile but had to turn around at the bridge as it was flooded. To compensate I came back on myself and cycled a good 3 miles along the canal - all in all about 7 or 8 miles (sorry I don't work in km - very bad)!

I very rarely see rainbow themed items for sale online - perhaps I should make some rainbow scarves...:)

Happy crafting...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Lana Lorenz - Fine Artist

I fell in love this afternoon. I've been to see so much more art than I would normally see in the last few months. Lana Lorenz is a college graduate who has been painting full time since 1999. I'm glad to hear Somerset Art Weeks inspired her. It's an event I've participated in in the past and also find very inspiring.

One particular model I liked was made out of a wide range of materials and blankets. She had layered blanket pieces into a 3D structure. It looked like a cake and was quite beautiful.

Also in the gallery was a collection of 42 bags (above) - I really enjoyed lifting up the bag flaps and finding out what a wonderful collection of materials she had put into each bag!

She also has beautiful business cards and I loved looking at her website!

Happy crafting! :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Cream crocheted scarf

I've put this scarf into both my folksy shop and my etsy shop. It's quite special to me even though it's a simple colour and stitch. It's the first item I've ever managed to crochet. Struggling with learning to knit completely put me off learning to crochet. I just didn't want to learn any new symbols and thought it would only be useful to make bags. Until I went to the MISI fair. It helped so much having someone teach me - perhaps I should learn a lesson from that and go to the needle felting class I mentioned last week after all!

Once I got going with the chunky yarn and the giant 15mm hook I was deeply relaxed and couldn't stop! It's a wonderful feeling to be on my way to understanding all those funny symbols in the knitting and crochet magazines I have!

Happy knitting and/or crocheting! :)

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